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Relevant allies and entities:


  • 2019-06-17 18.00, Maria 01, Helsinki
  • 2019-08-05 18.00

Transposition ideas

Transposition deadline: 2021-06-07

Brainstorming with Heikki and Henri, WMEE volunteer activist, then reworked in Helsinki.

  • Complete commercial freedom of panorama exception (currently it's only noncommercial at least for sculptures)
  • Publisher right: need good definitions
    • There seems to be no definition of news publishers (lehtijulkaisujen suoja) in national law, cf.
    • Very short extracts and individual words ("yksittäisten sanojen"): define a length or say that the attribution required by quotation right is fine
  • Make sure pastiche, parody, satire etc. exceptions ("käyttö karikatyyrissä, parodiassa tai pastississa"), even commercial, for everyone, as required by article 17(7)
  • Other important exceptions?
    • Right to repair, 5(3)(l): protect from DRM
    • Right to reconstruct a building, 5(3)(m): expand article 25(e)
    • Not 5(3)(n) as superseded by article 5 on educational usages?
    • Minor exceptions, 5(5)(o), to codify local practices?
    • General goal: avoid the risk that some usages, which have never bothered the local rightsholders, become illegal and forbidden by EU-wide technical means through the backdoor. Make the existing or previous usages and exceptions explicit in the law.
  • Simplified criteria for out of commerce works, send to EUIPO database without making a national one (already mentioned in a 17.6 workshop)
  • TDM (text and data mining) for everyone like the Dutch? Slight differences between art. 3 and 4, could support whatever researcher entities and start-ups say about it.
    • Prevent problems with DRM for 3(3), set an existing machine-readable standard like robots.txt for 4(3)
  • Make sure no collective licensing can disable education exceptions etc.: do not implement article 5(2)
  • Copyright redress: maybe not (sort of copyright office, no arbitrator or ombud) but arbitrator for digital consumers
    • Needed for article 17(9)(1), redress, and for article 14, to protect public domain from false statements of copyright ownership aka copyfraud by imposing fees/sanctions on those who lie (at least in takedowns)
  • DRM problems for articles 3-6 due to article 7(2) referencing article 6(4)(3) of directive 29

Action items for June:

  • Contact FI representative in EU who wrote copyright position, maybe via MEP [Heikki]
  • Contact VK/TS from the ministry to enquire about process [Susanna]
  • Contact consumer associations [Heikki] and centre [Susanna]
  • Contact EFFI, OKFI, ..., Finnish copyright law expert to join our group [Heikki?]
  • Contact library persons(s) from national library or Helsinki city library like MS [Federico?]
  • Inform Communia and offer contact for FI transposition [Federico]