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Ajapaik ja Wikimedia Suomi lähetti kilpailuehdotuksen EU:n Datathon 2022:een ja pääsi toiselle kierrokselle jossa 24 jatkoon päässeen ehdotuksen joukosta valitaan täyden ehdotuksen perusteella 12 jatkoon menijää. Datathonin ideana on esitellä projekteja joissa käytetään EU:n avoimia aineistoja ja tässä ehdotuksessa ollaan käyttämässä Europeanaa.


This is your chance to demonstrate the potential that open data presents in today’s society and, of course, your creativity and talent. It is also your chance to claim your share of the total prize fund amounting to EUR 200 000.

Twenty-four teams, six teams per challenge, will be pre-selected. If you are among them, you will be invited to further work on your idea and present a full proposal by 26 June 2022. The jury will evaluate the proposals and select twelve finalist teams, three teams per challenge. If you are among them, you will be invited to develop your application and present it at the final event on 20 October 2022. If you are not, you will receive a EUR 1 000 consolation prize.

The final ranking of the winning teams for each challenge will be decided at this event and the teams will be awarded the following prizes for each of the challenges:

  • First place: EUR 25 000
  • Second place: EUR 15 000
  • Third place: EUR 7 000

EU Datathon 2022 is organised by the Publications Office of the European Union and contributes to the European Year of Youth 2022 that features events and activities dedicated to young people all around Europe.

First round application

Wikimedia Finlands & Ajapaik's first round application

Ajapaik is an existing platform and mobile app for harvesting contemporary repeat photos or rephotos to historic pictures. The mobile app displays the old pictures semitransparently on top of the camera stream making it really easy to adjust historic captures with current landscape. Ajapaik users have already contributed almost 25000 rephotos to historic photographs thus creating a unique collection of additional pictorial content that enriches the historic photographs in public collections. Majority of the content on the platform is from Estonian and Finnish collections but the app needs scaling up to European level. Also a crossplatform application is in the making in order to substitute the current Android only application. Additional user engagement and traction mechanics need to be developed for the activity of rephotography to gain wider traction. The application already has integration with the European cultural heritage portal Europeana enabling access to thousands of historic images from all over Europe. Additional machine learning and computer vision technologies need to be implemented to enable easier discovery of relevant content for users.

The activity of rephotography has great potential in tourism. A lot of travel is about the history of places, it is very natural to contemplate historic photos of landmarks and historical sites. Taking contemporary rephotos connects the historic knowledge in pictures and personal experience. The other important target sector is education where rephotography can empower the learning activity.

Second round (26.6.2022)

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