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Listing public artworks and memorials in Finland into Wikipedia

Project page in English

The project started from spontaneous and occasional listings of public artworks in major cities into Wikipedia. The first lists of public artworks in some cities of Finland were created in 2008.

By 2016 all these lists were harmonized, so that the basic filing format was unified. These are following: name of the object, place, location, coordinates, author, year unveiled and photo. This data is sourced.

Number of photos (red), growth of the lists (orange) and number of photographers (blue) 2005-2018.

The first photohunts started in the summer 2017. The number of participants in them was not more than 30, but after these events the project (in fall 2017) has been contributed steadily.

In the beginning of 2018 listings in all 311 municipalities of Finland had been started. By the end of 2018, only four small municipalities were of zero filing.

Other important steps were:

  • Evaluation form of the lists was published in December 2017, where the list qualities are evaluated.
  • Statistics page was published in August 2018 where the numbers of lists are published.

These are of much help to administer the vast project data. Most active participants to the project update these lists. The 311 lists of various size municipalities, and each item (public artwork or memorial) includes 7 units of information.

By January 1. 2019 there was 6 826 items listed and 4 391 photographed.

In 2018 year’s target of 400 photographs of public art was exceeded already in the first half of the year by 650 photographs.

Targets and realization

We planned to organize 10 photohunts, but only three were realized. In addition there were four one person photohunts. We noticed that all participants don’t necessarily need organised photohunts, which can be seen on the results too.

The project is organized by large by Wikipedia activists. There has been discussion of several subject such as:

  • what are the validity criteria of objects, public space and borderline cases,
  • improvement of specific individual lists,
  • organization of photohunts and preparing photohunts.

Wikimedia Suomi has provided support, such as financial (travel and food to photohunts) and technical (creating and updating statistics) aid.

During the year only 240 objects were brought into Wikidata. The reason for this is perhaps, that preparing lists (such as finding sources on information, location, coordinating) is already quite a lot of work, in addition to photographing. We have not found a proper pedagogical link of adding objects to Wikidata. The activists have not yet seen the prospects of Wikidata. In the future, education of creating Wikidata entries will be needed.

The project will continue, as more filing and photos are added. By now we can see that total number of objects in Finland does not exceed 8 000. Out of these a little more than half has been photographed. The remaining objects and lists are mostly in ”remote”, medium or small and little populated municipalities. The project has to introduce a different kind of strategy in order to cover the photography of these lists. The activists in the project are the best persons to solve this guestion.

If they gain sufficient coverage, the value of these lists will have importance from researchers to anybody who wants to know about public art and memorials in Finland. Search, study, orientating and further use of this information requires that it will be brought into Wikidata. These are the biggest challenges that this successful project and its active, enthusiastic contributors will face.

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Helsinki City Museum Wikipedia workshop 2018-11-20 1252

We established a working method for our public art photography project, to first gather information about the artworks in a usable format together. However, most of the times photograph trips were made by single users or small groups independently. In the end, we had one 8 people photo safaris, two four-person safaris and rest of the photos was taken in 1-3 person trips. During the year tools for maps and statistics were developed by the project.

Overall during the year, 1500 works of art were added to lists. 1600 works had location data added and 1700 works were photographed. Additionally, during 2018 we started to catalog the public art in all 311 municipalities in Finland. 75 new articles were created about these works of art.

We chose Pori and Hämeenlinna as potential showcase cities for the public art project and added their information to Wikidata. We postponed imports to Wikidata for other cities to 2019. The problem is that we would have had two separate lists that needed to be synced manually. It was partly solved in fall by the release of OpenRefine 3 tool that is able to read wikitables and update data into Wikidata. The artworks weren’t added to an Open Street Map map as the editing was mostly limited to Wikipedia.

Hack4Fi event coincided with Wiki Loves Monuments and Wikimedia Nordic event. So our participation in Hack4Fi was Wiki Loves Monuments rephotography track themed. Kulttuurinavigaattori took part in Wikimedia Nordic and talked about our public art project there.

There was a new partner for the Wikipedia Library, Suomen Kuvalehti and old partners continued.

We advanced engagement by giving a user a letter of recommendation as a photographer.

Sub-Project Goal Status Description
Target number of photohunts (over 5 people) is 10 10 3 Most of the photography trips were made by single users or small groups independently.
Number of photographed statues 400 1700
Showcase dataset of a list of statues in one selected city published at a cultural Hackathon Hack4fi published showcase list partially done Show case list was w:fi:Luettelo Porin_julkisista taideteoksista ja muistomerkeistä, but in Hack4fi our participation was related to WLM and rephotography.
import 5 public art lists per month into Wikidata 60 public art list imported to wikidata 2 just example lists of Pori and Hämeenlinna were imported
Import statues to OpenStreetMap unspecified not done 2 users participated in OSM editing events (HotOSM and Open Data SW Finland mapathons) to learn OSM editing but didn't import any statues.
We try to include three new publications and 1 CC0 dataset to our library 4 1 1 new publication was Suomen Kuvalehti. Existing partnerships continued.
Number of Finnish Wikipedians taking part in Wikimedia projects unspecified success 5 new users have participated in multiple Wikimedia Finland events. We advanced engagement by giving a user a letter of recommendation as a photographer.


The main portion of our education program took place during spring in the Wikileap project and has been covered in our midpoint report. Planned community consultation with 10 to 15 Wikipedians didn’t happen.

During the second half of the year, Wikileap started writing books for secondary school and received as a donation the copyright to a book on mathematical formulas published by Otava. It was scanned and published at Wikimedia Commons and under CC-By license and there is a project in Wikisource to proofread the scanned content.

In the fall Wikileap held a presentation on “Open textbooks for basic education“ at Dare To Learn event. They also had a presentation on using Wikidata as a tool for teachers and students in November. Next Wikidata presentation will be in IT-teachers spring meeting in February 2019.

Sub-Project Goal Status Description
We plan to to create a hub where students and teachers can get instruction and advice hub success Wikiloikka-project created a Facebook group called Kirjoitetaan oppikirjat peruskouluun ja lukioon for teachers with 1092 members and created an ongoing Wikiproject in Wikibooks.
Launch a community consultation and create draft pages. community discussion not done We reprioritized our higher education goals due to our coordinator leaving for another job
Educate two teachers and two experienced Wikipedians engaged in tutoring who will have the skills to use the programs & events dashboard in their events skills to use the programs & events dashboard not done We reprioritized our higher education goals due to our coordinator leaving for another job
Write teaching material on Finnish prehistory connected with National museum's new prehistory exhibition published success created the core for a book about Finland’s prehistory and nearly finished a Wikibook on theme of The Time of Great Wars related to Story of Finland exhibition.
Participation in Educa exhibition and ITK conference participation success presentation in Educa and Wikiloikka had the workshop and booth persons in ITK.
At least three edithatons have been held for teachers 3 3 workshops + 9 other presentations Presentations, webinars and workshops
material created with the National Museum has been utilized in the teaching of a class use of the content success group of 6th grade students and their parents made a guided trip to the Suomenlinna.


Winning photo of WLM 2018 Finland. Vaajakoski old power plant by Teuvo Salmenjoki.
Helsinki Cathedral by Julie Tsarfati. Honorable Mention: 23rd Place International WLM 2018.

The goal of our outreach program was to make the Wikimedia movement more widely known among the general public and to convert the slow decline in the number of editors into a slight increase. According to stats, the number of editors was stable in 2018.

In 2018 Wikimedia Finland took part in about 45 different events or competitions (in all programs) in order to publicize Wikipedia. The biggest outreach events during spring were series of equality-themed events which were started from Women's Day. We are also proud of the exhibition on Wikipedia at media museum Rupriikki. These events have been reported with greater detail in our midpoint report. Our activities in the fall were built around Wiki Loves Monuments. We also held events on copyright and personal data in cooperation with OKFi.

Our strategic goal was to take part in smaller events with functional activities, instead of having our own booths at big events. We implemented this successfully with Wikileap, Wiki Loves Monuments and our partnership with OKFi.

Wiki Loves Monuments

There were 102 participants in Wiki Loves Monuments, 76 of whom were new users, and 3500 pictures were taken. One of the photos received an honorary mention in the international competition. We organized a rephotography track for the Finnish competition with Estonian Photographic Heritage Society. One of the organizers, Susanna Ånäs, and one of the judges, Soile Tirilä, were on the national morning tv show to talk about WLM and rephotography.

Wikidocumentaries advertised the competition during their events. As a concrete result of this Rauma city museum held a local WLM track with awards. We also took part in two photo walks organized by the Vantaa city museum to advertise the competition. After the competition ended the WLM team held a rephotography track in HACK4Fi cultural hackathon by OKFi. About 10 participants took part in creating gamification and social media plan for rephotography. After Hack4Fi the team continued onto follow up event Wide science hackathon to work on the ideas. On November 18 we had an awards ceremony in the National Museum.

The winner of the Finnish competition, Teuvo Salmenjoki, was announced at the award ceremony at the National Museum of Finland on 18 November. Julie Tsarfati got honorable Mention with 23rd Place International WLM 2018.
Collaboration with OKFI

We partnered with Open Knowledge Finland to hold an event on the new EU copyright directive on Narinkkatori and hosted a panel on Wikimedia at their MyData event. We also had a joint fall meeting / Christmas party where WMFI hosted a 10 person discussion on copyright directive.

Sub-Project Goal Status Description
Organize an editing event for International Women’s Day event multiple events, 1000 new articles, 42 new users Womens day event in University of Helsinki, Women in Red writing competition, participation in Wikigap.
Wiki Loves Earth 2000 photos, 100 participants, 50 new users skipped skipped because of the Wikigap event at same time
Wiki Loves Monuments 2000 photos, 100 participants, 50 new users 3500 photos 102 participants 76 new users We were also on TV
Participation in smaller events Participation Success Participated in All Digital Week, Open Data Day, Hack4fi, Wide hackathon, museum night, created a Wikipedia mini exhibition.
Track the results of the Women's day event using Programs & Events Dashboard. use Programs & Events Dashboard success was used in Womens day event. See details.
How many of the registered accounts have continued editing after 3 months from the registration. unspecified


Wikidata 6-year and OpenRefine 3 workshop at Yle
IHME Contemporary Art Festival 2018 wiki presentation table

We organised X editathons with GLAMs in 2018, with Y participants in total. Some interesting events were: an editathon with photo volunteers at Helsinki City Museum where we also learned about their volunteer work involving the photo collections at the museum and we got Helsinki rephotography related collaboration in 2019. The editathon for Ihme festival documented the history of the public artworks created by the festival and continued into their after party. In spring at Sibelius museum editing Wikipedia was part of the documention for experimental instruments.

We continued our cooperation with Yle by hosting a Wikidata’s 6th anniversary event where different organisations talked about how they use Wikidata in their work and demonstrated the OpenRefine 3 tool. During Wiki Loves Monuments we used Finnish National Library Finna service and got help from them. Finnish Heritage Agency was our main WLM partner.

We assisted Gallen-Kallela museum in their events by uploading photos, statistics and with Wikidata. In December we had a workshop with Werstas museum for adding Sounds of Changes media files to Wikipedia. There were ~20 participants, and we uploaded 250 videos for commons and used 20 video files in the article content. Our event with the National Audiovisual Institute moved to January 28, 2019.

We widened our Nordic cooperation by taking part in the founding meeting of Wikimedia Nordic in Stockholm. An active editor of the North Sami Wikipedia, Yupik, was elected to Wikimedia Finland’s board. Yupik also participated to Celtic Knot 2018 -conference.

We participated Ajapaik four day dev camp in summer at Estonia and their Estonian Ajapaik app in Wiki Loves Monuments and held a presentation on rephotography in CEE meeting and Glamwiki conference. Our longest reaching achievement during the year was securing funding from the city of Helsinki for a three-year Helsinki Rephotography project. The project aims to rephotograph and geotag old photos. We also took part in a workshop organized by WMEE on IIIF and Structured Data for Commons at the BAAC event.

Wikimedia in residency

Finland's first wiki-residency ended in December. Miku Malinen (User:Lentokonefani) acted as a Wikimedian in Residence at the National Archives of Finland from February. The main project during the residency was the web service Heraldiikan ontologia (HERO, Ontology of heraldry), which remains under development. When released, the heraldic terms included in the service will be linked to corresponding Wikidata items, which will make it easier for users of the service to find additional information on the terms. In addition, the relations of heraldic terms in Wikidata were clarified and corrected using the ontology model of HERO as a basis. In 2018 Miku participated to Wikimania and Wikimedia Nordic meeting. 2019 Miku Malinen was selected to Wikimedia Finlands board.

Sub-Project Goal Status Description
A heraldry project starting the project partially Project didn't get funding, but it started as a WiR.
we continue our work with GLAM edithatons edithatons success
educating our target groups on how to conduct edithatons. unspecified success
continue our work with the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE unspecified success Wikidata’s 6th anniversary event with YLE
Linking Wikidata to Yso unspecified partial We continued linking wikidata to Yso for WLM
National Audiovisual Institute (Kavi) event success Organized edithaton on January 28 2019
Wikipedia's 15 years in Finland exhibition with Rupriikki exhibition success exhibition was live from March 23 to May 31 2019
Nordic-Baltic meeting 2018 participation success participated pre-meeting in Wikimania, meeting in Stockholm and got new board member who's active in Sami Wikipedia.
Use Ajapaik in Wiki Loves Monuments collaboration success Ajapaik was used in Wiki Loves Monuments, we had 2 conference presentations about rephotography. We got funding for Helsinki rephotography project.
We collaborate with OKFI to create a GLAM-related hackathon. collaboration we had rephotography track in Hack4fi hackathon see Hack4fi tracks: Rephotography – adding a new dimension to photographs
Attend the 2018 GLAM-Wiki 1 person 3 persons 3 persons from Finland attended in GLAM-wiki. We had presentations on WLM & rephotography and Wikidocumentaries at GLAM-wiki

Technical Development

French Wikidata and infobox modules are localized and copied to Finnish sister projects. They are in active use in Wikivoyage and Wikipedia. The lake, mountain, island and natural reserve infoboxes are converted to the new infobox system and in use as planned. River infobox was converted to Wikidata infobox by a community member and it is updated to articles at its own pace.

Because we didn’t participate to WLE it reduced the need for mass uploading the lake data related to it. In the end, we decided to focus on the wikidata item’s which were used in Finnish Wikipedia lake infoboxes. (ie. nnnn lakes.)

Mapframe is used in infoboxes and there is an ongoing dialogue with the community how Wikidata should could and should be used. We are trying to address problems how to track relevant Wikidata changes in Wikipedia. Also, there seems to be an issue on how to handle events where information in wikidata updates automatically and well-sourced older information in article text differs. The only solution so far is to show only show sourced values from Wikidata in Wikipedia.

We continue tech program as part of a community program and started in 2019 weekly Wikipedia meetings in central library Oodi.

Sub-Project Goal Status Description
localizing the Wikidata and infobox modules imported from French Wikipedia and keeping them up to date. done success importing and localizing were done in the first part of the year.
... modules are then cloned into all Finnish sister projects. done success Wikidata and infobox modules are synced to all Finnish sister projects.
We will also import high quality data supporting Lakes and WikiLeap projects into Wikidata. 6000 partial We focused only on lakes with Wikidata infoboxes on Finnish Wikipedia. ~5000 lakes.
We will implement automatic daily comparison between data used in the Lakes infobox done not done Skipped because we didn't need the lake data for WLE
Updating five Wikipedia geography infoboxes 5 5
user manual for Wikidata modules released manual partial ongoing translation work


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