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Program story

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Wiki Loves Monuments

We have started to organize Wiki Loves Monuments 2019 for the third time with the National Heritage Agency. The theme this year is Sacred Place, which we are approaching by adding around 4500 archaeological sites and updating information about religious buildings. We also collaborate with the Finnish Museum of Photography, which will house an event in the first week of the competition. We are exploring the possibility to tie this in with our emerging activities around working with Saami media. The Helsinki rephotography project started at the beginning of 2019 and we are preparing a rephoto track lost places to WLM.

Saami projects

As part of the International Year of Indigenous Languages, we are collaborating with the Northern Saami Wikipedia and Wikimedia Norway to support Saami languages. We are initiating collaboration projects with Open Knowledge Finland, Yle and Saami Archives about describing media concerning Saami culture in Saami languages. In preparation for this, we have filed tickets to add support for the Saami and Finnish Roma languages to Wikidata and SDC. As a result, Inari and Skolt Saami are currently enabled and Ume Saami, Kildin Saami, and Finnish Kalo are still pending. A secondary target has been to document how new minor languages could be added to Wikidata. Please see longer description in program story.

Women’s Month

As part of the Women’s Day initiative, we ran a week-long Women’s competition in March as a part of the weekly competitions held in the Finnish Wikipedia. As in April 2018, we also held a “Punaisten linkkien naiset” (Women in Red) competition as one of our monthly competitions. We also had two live edit-a-thons. In total there were 112 participants at these events of whom 36 were new. 1239 new articles were created and 770 photos added to articles.

Both competitions were organized in collaboration with the Finnish Wikipedia community and used Danmichaelo’s UKBot from the Norwegian Wikipedia to count points. This year we expanded the language selection and included Northern Saami, Inari Saami, and Skolt Saami for the first time. To the best of my/our knowledge, this was the first time that languages in the incubator have been used in a monthly competition.

The first edit-a-thon organized by us was a local support meetup for PLN in Oodi; four people participated which was the same amount than with pre-Wikigap meetup last year. The second one, called Muijii Wikipediaan was organized by Finnish author and public speaker Jenni Janakka, the Redland agency, and Wikimedia Finland. This event was substantially more popular with 30–40 participants.

Jenni talked about the event and the Women in Red project twice on radio broadcasts: once before the event on Radio Helsinki (26.4.2019, time 00:30) and once afterwards on Yle’s Kulttuuriykkönen discussion program, where the topic was equality on Wikipedia and on the Internet in general. Later the interview was linked again from Yle's article related to Wikipedia's gender issues in June. There was also a short report of the event in the trade union magazine in Redlands point of view. A total of 5 blog posts were written about the events: two by us ([1], [2]), two by Jenni Janakka ([[3], [4]), and one by the Finnish blogger Miss Ruki Ver, who blogged about her participation in the Muijii Wikipediaan event.


We started the year with live open for all meetings in Oodi. So far 8 meetings have been held, including Wikimedia Finland’s spring meeting. The average number of participants has been 7 and the most prominent topic has been Wikidata and more specifically Open Refine hands-on tutoring. We also participated in the All Digital Week’s Oodi Day by Bildnings alliansen with a presentation booth, rephotowalk and one presentation related to the public art project.

When Oodi opened in December 2018 Kulttuurinavigaattori started a themed 100 wikidays project as a followup for his 2018 residency for presenting and promoting Wikipedia in The Finno-African culture center Villa Karo in Grand-Popo, Benin. He went almost every day to Oodi to write a new article between 25.12.2018 - 3.4.2019 and reported his progress in the Facebook. (blog post).

We haven’t participated in #1lib1ref in this year. Jaakko participated in the National Library Congress (Library Days) in person, but we did not have a presence there. We have one Wikidata teaching event with the National Library this autumn.

Current donations (SKS, Gaudeamus, Tilastopaja) of Wikipedia library are ongoing, but no new donations.

Parliamentary elections 2019

We had one politician-related workshop for 10 people at the Open Data Day. The current parliament members are in the three-star format of Wikiproject Every Politician. During the All Digital Week, we focused on photographing instead of elections. We did not have any specific politics event during the Open Education Week.

Education and Wikiloikka

Together with IT Educators, Tero, Kimmo and Tarmo held a series of semantic web lectures and workshops for 15 IT teachers in their two-day spring seminar in February and two workshops in eOppimiskeskus summer school for 10 people in June. The spring seminar contained presentations on the history of semantic web, how Wikidata/Wikipedia is currently used by organizations like the National Library, Yle, Apple Siri and Google search, and what is the status of semantic web at the University of Helsinki. After that we held a practical SPARQL query writing workshop. Both the event itself and the earlier SPARQL presentation were covered in the IT teachers’ magazine. In the summer school Teromakotero organized SPARQL and open data workshops.

We also updated our original scan of Lukion taulukot with a much higher quality version and performed OCR on it. 41 of the 121 pages in the Lukion taulukot book have been converted to Wiki format and proofread.

Localizing the Wikiproject Medicine project for the Finnish Wikipedia has not yet begun as our key person who was leading this got a full-time job and is focusing on that instead.


Workshops and events

In the first part of the year, we did 7 Wikidata related workshops together with several organizations (1 Saami language workshop in Oodi, 1 at the Open Data Day, 1 Q&A for Iltalehti data journalists and 4 with IT-teachers reported in outreach), the tetotal number of participants being 75. The workshops focused specially on Wikidata editing, SPARQL queries and OpenRefine. The Open Data Day was a larger one day event organized by OKFI. In the IT-teachers' events our workshops were part of their multiple day events. Saami language workshop was targetted to language students and language professionals and it focused on how to use lexical data on Wikidata and structured data on Commons with Saami. It was also a prework for future work with Yle and Saami archive in autumn.

WMFI organinized Wikipedia edithatons with National Audiovisual Archive in January and with Lönnström Art Museum in Rauma in May. The total number of participants for these was 13.

In our previous SAPG2017 one of our long term targets was, that we wouldn’t organize Wikipedia edithatons or workshops by ourselves. Instead we would encourage and support the institutitons to organize them independently. So far there has been 5 such workshops by organized by institutions that we’ve collaborated with before. The most notable ones were the edit history with the game museum of Tampere and the Aboa Vetus & Art Nova museum in Turku, and secondly Wikipedia tutoring for museums of Eastern Uusimaa.

Data imports and CC0

WLM and Helsinki rephotography related data imports in 2019:

  • Streets and places of Helsinki (1000 items)
  • Buildings from cultural heritage buildings catalog (1100 items)
  • Archeological sites and terms (4700 items)
  • Other imports include importing data of historical Finnish newspapers (300 items) and Finnish visual artists (600 items).
  • We have also supported other people's data imports.

To generate more support for open licenses and CC0 Susanna Ånas participated in the Ministry of Education and Culture's copyright-related meetings (INSPIRE directive location data workgroup, Digime-meeting, copyright in cultural heritage workshop). Susannaanas and Kulttuurinavigaattori also participated in the Wikimedia's Big Fat Brussels Meeting VI and in the European Union's privacy directives in a galleries-libraries-museums seminar in Helsinki.

Susanna Ånas participated also in the Creative Commons Summit 2019, OpenGLAM calls and other NGO related copyright work in general. She made a presentation on the Knowledge Equity in WWW 30 years club by m-cult.

Heraldry project

The heraldry project did not receive a Kone foundation grant for 2019, so it is continuing as the Finnish National Archive’s own internal project.


500,000 article milestone

The 500,000 article project has not yet begun. We estimatethat we will hit this milestone midway through 2020.

Five areas to focus on
# Task Status
1 Updating outdated documentation We started in January to organize meetings in Oodi to educate users on how to edit templates, Wikidata, use tools as planned. This, however, hasn't transformed yet to writing the documentation.
2 Improve templateData TemplateData for X of 50 templates has been updated, focusing on those that can be used in namespaces where Visual Editor is enabled. Wikidata descriptions have not yet been generated
3 Reference autogeneration We haven't started to write Zotero translators for Citoid
4 Convert 20 infoboxes to Wikidata 2 infoboxes are currently converted.
5 improve ORES in Fiwiki New ORES labeling campaign was finished in April
Public art project

Between January and June, 700 new public artworks and memorials were listed in Wikipedia. 600 were located using coordinates and 480 were photographed by a total of 22 photographers. This means that approximately 90% (target 95%) of the artworks have been geotagged and 70% (target 70%) photographed. Currently 55 users have edited the artwork lists, of whom 5 were new users registered in 2019 (stats, wikiproject).

However, only 5% have been linked to Wikidata. In our Oodi meet-ups we have shown the people in the Public Art Project how to use Wikidata. We wrote a guide to community members on how to self-organise photohunts. Kulttuurinavigaattori submitted a poster about the public art project to the Wikimania 2019.

International collaboration

In the first part of 2019, we have collaborated with Ajapaik from Estonia. For our Saami project, we have collaborated with Wikimedia Norway and Sweden and coordinated the effort using Wikimedia Finland’s Slack and email.

Finnish Wikipedia also continued to use Ukbot in weekly competitions and added support for participating in competitions with writing articles to Northern Saami Wikipedia or to the incubator. The feature was originally developed for Norwegian Wikipedia. With Wikimedia Finland's help, we updated Wikidata and infobox modules in Northern Saami Wikipedia.

Kimberli participated with Wikimedia Norway in the Oslo Freedom Forum and gave a joint presentation entitled 2019 Year of Indigenous Languages – Saami Languages with Jon Harald Søby from Wikimedia Norway. She will also give a presentation at Wikimania with Astrid Carlsen about solutions to quality issues in the Northern Saami Wikipedia. For Wikimania, we are organizing an after event in Helsinki.