The bylaws of Wikimedia Suomi/Cover letter

Wikimedia Suomesta
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The board of Wikimedia Finland wishes to explaines details of the bylaws. The bylaws are somewhat short as the Finnish Association Act already regulates non-profit associations in some detail. It hasn't therefore been necessary to write down all the details, while some other details are required. The bylaws are pending approval at the National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland (NBPR). The NBPR will check that the bylaws guarantee democratic rule and that they are unambiguous.

The Association Act requires that the association has one or more official languages, Finnish, Swedish, or both. The official language of the association determines the language of the bylaws but does not limit which languages are used otherwise.
Purpose and acitivities
The methods by which the association may advance its purpose is deliberately inclusive to give the association freedom to act. The list of methods come from the model bylaws given by NBPR.