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Wikimedia Suomesta
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The association was established in the summer of 2009 and eight members were selected to the board. The official registration process was started, but at the end of the year it was still in progress. The board met nine times and there was one statutory general meeting.

A membership register was established together with a privacy policy for the register (as required by Finnish law). At the end of the year the association had 15 members.

A mailing list was set up to facilitate communication from the board to the members. In addition the association had web pages for public and internal use. The public pages (a wiki) were moved soon to the Wikimedia Foundation's servers. The association discussed the relationship between a press contact of Wikimedia Finland and the Finnish language Wikipedia and how to split the responsibilities.

The association applied for official chapter recognition and the application was accepted in September 2009. The association had an unofficial representative in the Chapters Meeting in April in Berlin.