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Early in the year the activity of the chapter was low. In June the chapter held an supernumerary meeting, where a new board was chosen. This was because the chapter felt that making contact with the previous chairman had proven too difficult. Niklas Laxström was chosen as the new chairman of the board with the other members being Antti Björklund, Jussi-Ville Heiskanen, Ulpu Pajari, Henri Strand and Joonas Suominen.

In the annual meeting in November Niklas Laxström was chosen as the chairman of the board for the year 2011, with Antti Björklund, Ulpu Pajari, Henri Strand and Joonas Suominen being the other members.

In addition to the supernumerary meeting and the annual meeting the board met seven times.

The registering of the chapter, which had been prolonged, was finalized on the 20th of October, 2010. In addition to that an important accomplishment was the strategy for the year 2011, which contains many interesting projects. The chapter did not take part in any international events.

During the year 2010 six new members joined the chapter. At the end of the year the chapter had 21 members.