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The activity of Wikimedia Suomi grew a little compared to 2010. In March the association planned to hold an extraordinary meeting, but it was eventually carried out only in April. The extraordinary meeting approved new rules for the association, permitting remote attendance in the meetings.

In the annual meeting held in March 2010 Niklas Laxström was elected chairman of the board, other members being Antti Björklund, Ulpu Pajari, Henri Strand and Joonas Suominen. In addition to the extraordinary meeting and the Autumn meeting the association met 8 times.

The National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland authorized the rules of the association officially only in 2012. The Plan of Action drawn up in 2010 includes many interesting projects, of which only few were developed further. In the Autumn meeting Tommi Kovala was elected Chairman of the Board, and projects were planned from a new, more practical perspective. Already in 2011 a new practice to hold a 30 minute meeting weekly on Tuesdays was adopted. The weekly meetings are open to everyone, but in nearly all meetings only some board members have been present. Another practice is the distribution of a newsletter. A short overview of topics related to both the association and the Wikimedia movement with related links will be presented. In 2011 2 newsletters were sent and the goal for 2012 is 12.

The association had representatives in a few international (Wikimania, Chapters meeting) ja and local events (Open Knowledge Meetup Suomi). In addition, the association organized a few photo safaris, which produced many good photographs despite low attendance.

Despite efforts the number of members did not increase in 2011. There were less than 10 new members.