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WMFI Annual activity report 2016


The number of new members (by 6/2016) reached 71.

Board activity

Board meetings

The Board held 15 meetings in 2016. Board meeting minutes can be found in the Wikimedia Suomi documents page.

Working group meetings

The Board worked as a team this year.

Bulletins and Statements

Concerning 400 000th article in Finnish Wikipedia in August, Wikimedia Suomi published following:

In October Wikimedia Suomi gave a statement for the Ministry of Education in Finland concerning proposal for EU copyright Directive.

General Assemblies

  • The Spring Assembly was held 8 June in Helsinki and continuation meetings.
  • The Autumn Assembly was held 10 December at Vapriikki, Tampere.



Financial administration

The board had no treasurer in 2016, so the president took the responsibility. Wikimedia Finland continued using the Holvi banking system.

Events and collaboration

This report summarizes the activities organized and attended by Wikimedia Finland (WMFI) in 2016. Events are organized chronologically, followed by events that took place during the whole year or that are otherwise impossible to place in a single month. Where possible, number of attendees is included (both WMFI members and total number of attendees). Other metrics by event are also included where appropriate.

Wikimedia Suomi had three programs: Community (CO), Partnerships (PA) and Outreach (OR). Of these Community related events were 6 Partnerships 26 and Outreach 7. Of all 39 events 14 were held outside Helsinki metropolitan area and 4 abroad.


  • 28.1. Trafiikki, WikiGlam event, Tampere PA


  • 5.-7.2 participation, Hack your Heritage, Helsinki PA
  • 11.2. floor, Museum Workers membership evening Gallen-Kallela Museum, Espoo OR


  • 4.3. Wiki event, Immaterial cultural heritage, Pori PA
  • 8.3. editing event 100Women into Wikipedia, Kaisa-library, Helsinki PA
  • 31.3. meeting Open Glam workgroup, Helsinki PA


  • 13.4. Hack your Heritage final, Helsinki PA
  • 21.-25.4. 2 representatives, Wikimedia Conference, Berlin CO
  • 27.4. Wikipedia-evening, Sinebryhoff Art Museum, Helsinki PA
  • 28.4. editing event, Artists and writers of Lapland into Wikipedia, Rovaniemi Art Museum PA


  • 18.5. Wikipedia editing event, Pori Art museum, Pori PA
  • 19.5. Oulu artists and writers into Wikipedia, Oulun City library PA
  • 21.5. Wikibee, Finnish Museum of Games, Tampere PA
  • 25.5. Working group of terms, Museum Days, Inari PA
  • 26.5. presentation at the Museum Days, Inari OR


  • 3.6. floor, Seminar on Scientific Journalism, Helsinki OR
  • 9.6. editing event on Seafaring, National Archives of Finland, Helsinki PA
  • 13.6. Wikiproject: Finland´s public art into Wikipedia launched CO
  • 22.-26.6. 3 participants, Wikimania Esino Lario Italy CO


  • 13.7. editing event with Gallen-Kallela Museum , Malmi library, Helsinki PA


  • 27.-29.8. participation, Wikimedia CEE meeting, Dilijan, Armenia CO


  • 2.9. Wikicafe, Finnish Museum of Games, Tampere PA
  • 14.9. WLM meeting, at Finland's National Board of Antiquities, Helsinki PA
  • 18.9. Wikiworkshop, Forum Marinum, Turku PA
  • 24.9. intensive day, Finnish Museum of Games, Tampere PA
  • 25.9. strategy meeting of Wikimedia Suomi, Helsinki CO


  • 5.10. Wikiworkshop, Pori PA
  • 18.10. Glam planning meeting, Tarvaspää Espoo Yhteistyö PA
  • 26.10. Wikipedia-evening, Sinebrychoff art Museum, Helsinki PA
  • 27.-30.10. participation, Helsinki Book Fair OR


  • 2.11. Wiki training for librarians, Joensuu PA
  • 4.11. Wikidata-day, Helsinki PA
  • 16.-18.11. representation of Wikimedia Suomi statement for EU copyright Directive for Finnish MEPs, Bryssel, Belgium OR
  • 21.11. Wikidata meeting at Yle, Helsinki PA
  • 23.11. meeting with Eija Liukkonen, The National Museum of Finland, Helsinki PA
  • 29.11. Open Glam Day at, Kaisa-library, Helsinki PA


  • 1.12. Wiki event, Viikki library, Helsinki PA
  • 2.12. floor, OKFI christmas party, Helsinki OR
  • 6.12.2016 – 5.1.2017 Estonia - Finland Wikipedia articles writing contest PA
  • 10.12. WMFI Fall Assembly, Tampere CO
  • 27.12. interview, Yle Radio Suomi OR

All-year events



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Public Art

Wikiprojekti:Suomen patsaat ja muistomerkit Wikipediaan was launched in 13 June 2016.

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