WMF report 1-2014

Wikimedia Suomesta
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Wikimedia Suomi

WMFI will be successful on

  • Securing permanent activities. Providing a roadmap for future growth.
  • Increase in membership, especially expert members such as teachers and museum professionals who can advocate open knowledge to colleagues, help organize projects and events relevant to their field and help in evaluating article quality. A general increase of 15%. We aim to recruit active expert members in every institution with which we organize an event.
  • Increase in activities, especially in the field of education. Creating an educational program with the new board, with possible additional funding. Presence at 2 fairs. Guidelines for the use of open resources in education. Participating in Open Knowledge Finland Open Education working group.
  • Increase in partner projects, especially in the GLAM sector. Estimated 5 edit-a-thons, 3 workshops, 3 content donations, 5 meetups. Establishing, but not necessarily realizing a wikipedian-in-residence program. Taking part in Wiki Loves Monuments 2014.
  • Carrying out a program for an open and welcoming Wikipedia: From deletions to discussion and growth. Documentation and best practices.


  • Kulturskatter på nätet, a brochure in collaboration with WMSE, sample brochure
  • Presentation materials for GLAMs.
  • Backstage / edit-a-thon series plan (5 events) & schedule, report including metrics if already started.
  • Proposal/plan for new forms of GLAM activities: Wikimedian-in-residence, Wiki Loves Monuments


  • Presenting a plan for the EDU program (or in the next milestone)
  • ITK conference report (blog)
  • Plan for participation in regional projects (Nordic, Sámi, Fenno-Ugric)



  • Community coordinator recruit report
    • Community coordinator / GLAM technician recruit has been postponed to autumn.
  • Board meetings minutes
  • Financial reports for 2013 + non-profit tax statement


  • Summary of Wikimedia in news,
  • Social media statistics
    • In 19th February we had 575 fans on Facebook, on 29th May we have 666. As we are not paying for the Facebook visibility we do not reach a lot of people with our status updates, the most popular one during the last 3 months was done in March (267 people reached when we told what Wikimedia Foundation answered to Finnish police)
    • In Twitter we have 106 followers on 29th May and people have started to use the #wikipediafi tag, also outside of Wikimedia Suomi board :)
  • PR materials report

Wikimaps Nordic


  • Wikimaps Nordic kickoff reporting (Lanyrd, blog)
  • Wikimaps Hangouts reports (blog, Etherpads +)
  • Wikimedia Hackathon report (blog)


  • Agreements between chapters
  • Overall project schedule


  • Hackathon dev report: Warper & Template:Map
    • Agreement
  • Development: Tools development funds allocation plan
    • Draft
  • The development of the Wikimaps site: Plan and report
    • RfC
    • Wireframes
  • Local activities in each country based on documentation
    • Finland
    • Sweden
    • Estonia
    • Norway
    • Denmark


  • Statements from network participants.
  • Statistics of participation

Wikimaps 2013

  • The use of Wikimaps 2013 funds