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The purpose of the association is to support and promote the recognition and use of the Internet encyclopedia Wikipedia and other free services maintained by the Wikimedia Foundation, and the creation and distribution of free content in Finland.


In the end of 2012 the association had 38 members, of which 1 supporting member. 8 new members joined during the year 2012.

Activities of the Board

Members of the Board, 1.1.2012–31.12.2012

There were 8 Board meetings.

Board meetings

Basic operations

Communications and PR

SOPA Blackout of the Wikipedias was prominently coveredd also in the Finnish media.

The association opened a Twitter account, making 4 tweets. There were 20 updates on the Facebook page, and over 300 followers.

Welcome to Wikipedia brochure was translated and proofread. A grant from WMF was received for printing the brochure.

In June the association was granted the Future of the Finnish Language prize. Tommi Kovala and Niklas Laxström received the award.

Events and cooperation

3 representatives of the association participated in the Open data meetup February 14 at Korjaamo.

Teemu Leinonen and Tommi Kovala lectured about Wikipedia in the Ministry of Transportation and Communications in March.

Assignment works from the Information Visualization course of the Aalto University were presented in the Wikimedia Chapter meeting in April. During the course the students enhanced visualizations or created new ones for articles in Wikipedia. The association was represented by Ulpu Pajari and Niklas Laxström in the conference.

In May the association organized a picnic meetup in the Suomenlinna fortress.

In August Tommi Kovala attended a teachers educational event.

Association members participated in the Open Knowledge Festival in September. Among others, The Federation of Finnish Learned Societies and the National Board of Antiquities expressed their interest in cooperation re: open data. An edit-a-thon was organized in the context of the Open Cultural Heritage Stream's hackathon Edit-a-thon.

A GLAM meeting was organized in the context of the Autumn meeting in the Ateneum Art Museum 28 November 2012. Several GLAM representatives were present.


Surplus for the fiscal year was 1 797,88 euros. Expenses of the fiscal year consisted of bank service charges. The income consisted mainly of membership fees and a project grant of 1750,00. The association applied for a project grant for the  Tervetuloa Wikipediaan brochure painatuskustannuksiin. The project was not completed, and there were no costs in 2012.

The association will use the surplus to complete the brochure and other activities of the association.

At the end of the fiscal year the associations liabilities are 2 067,76 euros. The association does not possess stock or fixtures.

Future prospects

The association will aim to expand it's membership base and activities.

There will be increasing emphasis on GLAM activities (cultural partnerships with memory institutions).

The association seeks to secure it's capabilities to organize also broader collaboration projects. It aims to seek funding to support it's activities in Finland locally, through collaborative international projects and at the Wikimedia Foundation.