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The purpose of the association is to support and promote awareness about the Internet encyclopedia Wikipedia and other free services of the Wikimedia Foundation, and their use, and creation and distribution of open content in Finland.


In the end of 2013 there were 49 members in the association, of whicx 1 is a supporting member. There were 8 new members in 2013.

The activities of the Board

Board members, 1.1.2013–31.12.2013

  • Chairman, Tommi Kovala, Helsinki
  • Vice chair Susanna Ånäs, Helsinki (until 1 December 2013)
  • Secretary Niklas Laxström, Helsinki
  • Treasurer Joonas Suominen, Helsinki
  • Kimmo Virtanen, Turku
  • Ulpu Pajari, Espoo

The Board met 9 times.

In the end of the term, Niklas Laxström, Joonas Suominen and Ulpu Pajari stepped down. Susanna Ånäs stepped down in the beginning of December and started as an employee of the association. The new Board with 7 new members was elected in the last meeting of the year. Tommi Kovala continues as Chair. Kimmo Virtanen was elected as Vice Chair.

General meetings

Communications and PR

  • Wikimedia Suomi hosts a blog at where articles about events and matters of Wikimedia interest are handled.
  • The Twitter account @WMFinland tweeted 41 times in 2013.
  • Wikimedia Suomi Facebook page had 555 likes in 2013.
  • The Newsletter was replaced by the use of social media. Short news will be delivered through Twitter, Facebook and Wikipedia Kahvihuone (Village pump).

Wikimedia Suomi in the media


Events and cooperation

January to March

1.-2.2. Wikimaraton, Kiasma

Wikimaraton was a 24-hour edit-a-thon arranged in collaboration with the museum of contemporary art Kiasma. We used Wikimaraton as a case study to study the WikiMetrics. The results showed that Wikimaraton was an extremely productive event, but the long-term editor retention was not exceptional.

7.–8.2. Theme days, Ateneum

Tommi Kovala presented as the representative of Wikimedia Suomi at the Theme Days of the Museum sector. The theme of the event was opening collections to the use of the public.

April to June

Wikimedia Suomi participated in the Wiki Loves Public Art photo contest. Lists of public artworks were gathered from municipalities, from Wikipedia and online resources. Artist registers were compared to the artwork lists to identify out-of-copyright works, also in the US. Finland is a young nation and only the capital had enough entries to be photographed. The competition ended well, with a photo from the Finnish competition being awarded in the international competition.

5.4. Wikisprint at Kiasma

Wikimedia Suomi had 3 representatives present. Altogether approx. 10 participants edited Wikipedia articles during the 2,5 hour event. The forthcoming exhibition was presented.

12.–14.4. GLAM-wiki, London

Event website. Susanna Ånäs presented the Historical maps project at GLAM-wiki, that was organized at British Library. The project was to be called Wikimaps after the event.

24.–26.5. Wikimedia hackathon, Amsterdam

Kimmo Virtanen, a Wikimedia Suomi board member applied and got a grant to participate at the event. In addition, Niklas Laxström and Susanna Ånäs were present, Niklas as WMF employee and Susanna preparing the Wikimaps project.

13.6. Wikipediaklinik, Brages Pressarkiv

Blog post A swedish-speaking editing workshop was held at Brages Pressarkiv. There were more than 10 participants who familiarized with Wikipedia with introductions from Tommi Kovala and Mikael Böök.

14.6. Founding meeting of the Council of Openness

The page of the Council of Openness in Wikimedia Suomi

Wikimedia Suomi is an active member in the new Council of Openness. The aim of the Council is to bring together actors of open data, content and software in a mutual congregation.

30.6.–5.7. International Conference on the History of Cartography

Wikimaps was presented to the participants of the International Conference on the History of Cartography, in a session addressing the map curators attending the event.

July to September

3.–4.8. State of the Map Baltics, Tartto, Viro. Wikimaps workshop
  • presentation about Wikimaps Tartu–Hong Kong - an event that tied together maps from Tartu, Wikimania participants and OpenStreetMappers in Tartu and around the world.
7.–11.8. Wikimania, Hongkong

Wikimaps project arranged a geodata round table for projects that are displaying or creating geodata in the Wikimedia projects. Susanna presented the Wikimaps project in a joint presentation with Maarten Dammers.

26.8. The Finnish National Archives maps meeting

A historical maps interest group had formed earlier this year, and it had had a central role in making the Wikimaps project happen. The National Archives hosted an event to present their plans for crowdsourcing maps and Wikimedia Suomi presented the plan for Wikimaps.

6.–8.9. State of the Map, Birmingham, Britannia

October to December

2.10. Program Evaluation & Design Hangout

Susanna Ånäs participated in the Program Evaluation & Design Hangout

15.10. at 13–16.30 m13i Dagens sanning, morgondagens lögn, Soc&Com

Susanna Ånäs participated in the seminar arranged by Brages Pressarkiv

23.10. at 16-19 Kulttuuridata auki!, Kiasma

Meeting and workshop in Kiasma Seminar space, arranged in collaboration with the AvoinGLAM network. Susanna participated.

4.11. Wikidata-workshop, Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE

Wikimedia Suomi arranged a Wikidata workshop at Open Knowledge Finland's Workshop day for open knowledge. Adam Shorland and Katie Filbert presented remotely to participants, and helped them in their tasks over a period of 5 hours. 3 representatives of Wikimedia Suomi were present. Susanna arranged the programme.

5.11. Kuva-arkistopäivät

Image Archives Day, Susanna participated on one day

6.11. Paikkatietomarkkinat, Messukeskus

Geodata market, Susanna participated

9.11. Wikipaja Rupriikki, Media Museum Rupriikki, Tampere

4 participants of Wikimedia Suomi participated, Tommi Kovala presented Wikipedia principles and the culture of open data. Experts lectured on media history and Rupriikki arranged a tour for participants.

3.12. First Wikimaps Designers & Developers online meeting
14.12. Wikiacademy, Oslo
Public Domain 2014

A page for works entering the Public Domain in 2014 was established. A message was sent to the Museums mailing list, asking for contributions in Wikimedia Commons.


The Wikimedia Suomi budget was extended as a result of a grant from the Finnish Ministry of Culture and Education. The GLAM programme for 2013-2014 was awarded 15.000 €.

The Wikimaps Nordic project applied for funding from the Nordic Culture Fund to create a maps programme together with Wikimedia Chapters, openstreetmappers and GLAMs from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Estonia. The grant amount was 236 000 DKK, 31 600 €. The project will start in the beginning of 2014.

Wikimedia SUomi decided to apply for funding for the association and the Wikimaps project from the Wikimedia Foundations's Project and Events Grant program. An application of 63 552,29 € was submitted in December.

As a result of growing budgets Wikimedia Suomi will hire an accounting agency and deploy an open budgeting system.

Future prospects

For structuring the work of the new Board, working groups based on skills, experience and interest will be formed to assign tasks from different domains. In the new Board different disciplines and the Wikipedia community are well represented. Working groups will act independently and arrange their own meetings, but they are open to anyone.

Wikimedia Suomi aims to gain visibility at various events, which are attended by those interested in open knowledge. In this the collaboration with the Wikipedia community is important. In 2013 using Wikipedia in education was planned. Interested schools contacted WMFI at the ITE conference 10 April 2014, and the Education program will be developed in collaboration with them.

The Wikimaps project will continue. The association hires a part-time coordinator. A part-time koordinator/technician will be also hired for the multifaceted tasks at the association, or alternative several people for short term assignments.